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    Clement GERY
    WinRadio/ WWB6
    Topic posted September 14, 2014 by Clement GERYNovice 
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    WinRadio/ WWB6
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    Apple MacBook Pro 13- inch OSX 10.9.3


    I'm Clément and I'm new in this community. I'm French Sound Technician.

    I have a question: Can we use WINRADIO directly in WWb6(.10.1.2) like with WWB5 ?

    Thank You, bye!





    • hautzir

      Hi Clement and welcome to the forum!

      Indeed you can upload files from WinRadio to the WWB6 to work with it.



    • SteveCaldwell

      Ensure that you choose an integer for the Winradio Step Size, eg. 25k

    • Sam Drazin

      Hi Clement,

      To elaborate on Ron's response, you can import scan files (specifically in the .35s format only) taken from WiNRADiO scanners into WWB6 via the same method you would import any other scan file.  However, WWB6 cannot control and capture scans using a WiNRADiO scanning device in real-time, like WWB5 could.  

      For more info, consult the WWB6 help system regarding Supported Scan Files.  I hope this answers your question.



    • Clement GERY

      Hi everybody,

      Thanks for all your answers !! This answers perfectly all my questions !




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