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    Sam Drazin
    Using the RF History Plot
    Topic posted November 7, 2011 by Sam DrazinExpert, last edited December 6, 2013 by AdminProficient, tagged how-to 
    Using the RF History Plot


    The RF History plot is a plotting tool which allows you to track the RF strength of numerous channels over time. Wireless microphone receivers are used to scan the strength of their associated transmitters during RF transmission.

    This functionality can be used to perform walk tests to discover the signal strength a transmitter will have as it travels throughout a venue. You can also perform a distance test of your transmitter/venue, measuring how far out the transmitter can travel fromt he receiver while still passing an audible signal.

    NOTE: Using the RF History plot does not impede the audio signal chain in any way. This plot can be run while the transmitters are in-use.

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    Launch WWB6, and from the top menu bar, select "RF History Plot".


    From the left sidebar, select "Add Channels".


    The "Add Channels" dialog opens. From this dialog, check any and all channels that you want to add to the plot. This window is effectively the same as the selection window from WWB5 (shown on right).


    Select "Save", and then ensure that the channels you added show up in the "Channels:" area of the left sidebar of the RF History Plot window.


    To begin scanning, select "Start". (Checking the "Enable Autologging" check-box will also begin scanning).


    Scan data is shown on the plot area. Scans from transmitters will be displayed when the channel is selected and highlighted green on the left sidebar.


    Once you have begun scans, you can close the RF History Plot dialog. It will continue to scan RF levels from your transmitters until you stop it.

    To save a scan from this plot, right click on one of the channels listed on the left side bar in "Channels:" area, and select "Save"_".


    NOTE: there is a hard maximum of 20 transmitters that the software can scan concurrently. This is a limitation that was put in place to ensure overall stability of the plotting, as well as the rest of the application.

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