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    Andy Cooper
    ULXD4Q reports wrong Dante Latency setting after reboot.
    Topic posted July 2, 2014 by Andy CooperNovice 
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    ULXD4Q reports wrong Dante Latency setting after reboot.
    Personal Computer:
    MacBook Pro, OS10.8.5, from mid 2012. wired ethernet with auto DHCP setting.
    Shure Hardware:
    ULXD4Q, firmware 1.5.6.

    Dante Controller v3.5.2.1 can be used to change the Dante latency setting of Shure ULXD4Q and other equipment.  I use a lot of Yamaha CL and QL mixers.

    The default latency setting is 1ms, but I want lower latency, so I choose 0.25ms because I have a small network.  So far, so good.

    But after switching off the ULXD4Q and switching on again, it reports the latency to Dante Controller to be 1ms again.  Even if the latency is still actually working at 0.25ms.  Using Dante Controller to reset the latency value puts it right again...until the next reboot.

    So it seems to be a reporting problem of this Dante parameter.  Or am I missing a step to store this parameter before turning off the power?  (other non-Shure Dante devices store the setting automatically).




    • Tobias Wallin

      I have the exact same problem on our 4 ULXD4Q units. Shure, any chance that you will rectify this problem?

    • Gino Sigismondi

      After doing some investigation, it turns out the issue was actually in Dante Controller.  According to the release notes, this has been rectified in version

      See bug fix #7868. Since updating to, we have not been able to reproduce the issue. 


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