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    Sam Drazin
    Importing Firmware
    Topic posted November 14, 2011 by Sam DrazinExpert, last edited November 20, 2013 by AdminProficient, tagged how-to 
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    Importing Firmware


    The Firmware Update Manager facilitates the upgrading/reverting of firmware on most Shure wireless devices. Firmware can either be downloaded from, or imported from a local drive. This page will explain how to import and install firmware from a local drive.

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    To access the Firmware Update Manager, select Tools -> Firmware Update Manager.


    From the Firmware Update Manager window, select "View Firmware" from the top right corner of the dialog.


    Select "Import" from the bottom of the dialog.


    Browse for the firmware package on a local hard drive, and select "Open" to import it.


    Once opened, select "Back" to go to the main Firmware Manager screen.


    Once all firmware has been imported, select the box of the devices which you'd like to firmware upgrade.


    Select the imported version of firmware for the devices you would like to upgrade. Remember that portable devices are updated through the rack devices, and can be set by using the right two columns of this screen.

    For this example, we only need to update the rack transmitter, so we'll leave the portable receiver's columns alone.


    Press "Return to Main" to get back to the main Firmware Manager screen. Press "Start Update" to begin the firmware transfer.


    Once your firmware transfer is complete, the rack device(s) will automatically reboot.


    Press "Close" to dismiss the Firmware Update Manager.

    To update your portable devices, watch the end portion of the tutorial video outlining how to Use the Firmware Update Manager.

    Your hardware is now successfully updated to the imported version of firmware.


    • Manri

      Por que razón el UR4D no me aparece con los demás dispositivos en la actualización

    • Sam Drazin
      Por que razón el UR4D no me aparece con los demás dispositivos en la actualización

      El UR4D no se puede actualizar mediante WWB6. Para actualizar el UR4D, debe utilizar WWB5. Vea este enlace para måás detalles: Firmware Update UHF-R

    • a.ortiz
      Where are the actual files located for the axient firmware. I cannot find it. the update manager cannot find any of the updates. Can you please wall me through this?
    • buhmanb
      The firmware files are available on a Shure server that is accessible via the Internet.

      The "Firmware Manager" application has a button "Check Now" that allows you to browse and download firmware for Axient, ULX-D, PSM1000, etc.
      The download saves the firmware files to what we call the firmware library. The exact path will depend on your user name and operating system - for me it is:
      The files themselves have names like: AXT400.1.12.8.pack

      If the Firmware Manager does not see any available updates via "Check Now" - make sure your computer has access to the Internet.

      It is also possible to "Import" those .pack files. For example:
      1. On a computer that has access to the internet use Firmware Manager to download the necessary files to the firmware library.
      2. Copy those files to a USB thumb drive.
      3. Use the USB thumb drive to copy the files to a computer that does not have access to the Internet.
      4. Run Firmware Manager on that computer, Import and browse/select those files.
      (essentially this just copies the files into the firmware library)
      5. Now you can perform the firmware update of the actual devices.

      Hope that helps!
    • quickbeam

      I am having trouble downloading the firmware for the PSM 1000 transmitter via the firmware updater. The firmware for the reciever downloaded fine. I tried for the last week wondering if the server was down. Is there any other way to obtain the firmware manually? Am I doing something wrong in the firmware updater? The error says " no updates were successfully downloaded to this workstation" operation cancelled by user.


    • buhmanb

      At the current time the files are not available for individual download, the current method is to use the FW Updater.

      I just used the FW Updater to download both P10T and P10R firmware versions 1.3.9

      So I think the server is working. Try again, only selecting the P10T 1.3.9. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

      If that doesn't work, check in with our Systems Support team and they can get you the file.

      Systems Support Phone #: 847-600-8541

    • Dan Zan Ryu

      Just wondering if anyone can help. I'm trying to upgrade firmware on UHF-R to use with WWB6 and I don't see that upgrade in the firmware updater. Do I have to revert back to WWB5 to do this upgrade? I also was unable to fine the firmware update on Shure's site. If anyone can be of assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • buhmanb

      At the current time WWB5 must be used to update UR4s.

      Instructions and the firmware can be found here: Firmware Update UHF-R

      The Firmware Manager (included with WWB6) is being enhanced to support updating UR4 devices, but it is not "ready for prime time" yet.

      So for the time being, WWB5 is the only way.

    • Dan Zan Ryu

      THANK YOU. After speaking with a Shure tech, this was made clear. Additionally you have to use WWB 5.0.5 to do the update to UHF-R. I was not able to do it with an older version.

    • tonirandell

      Hello. The Firmware upgrade manager keeps telling me this: "Unable to connect server, check network connection".. However I'm sure I am connected to internet, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this here. Also I've checked that network preferences on WWB6 are proper.. So is firewall (I tried also to turn firewall off). What am I doing wrong, or could the server be down? Is there really no other place to download firmwares?

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