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    Owen Leung
    How to update WWB6?
    Topic posted January 6, 2012 by Owen LeungNovice 
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    How to update WWB6?

    I want to use the "Internet Update" to update the WWB6 from version to but the screen show noting, and I have to download the entire new version and install it again.

    Is there any way to do the update in the WWB6 directly?



    • Sam Drazin

      Owen, the most direct way to install the newest version of WWB6 is to download it from the forum. You will need to quit any running version of WWB6, and re-run the installer to load the newest version. A complete update cannot be performed from within the application while it is running.

      I will look into configuration issues there might be on our end regarding WWB 6.1.5 and its availability to download.

    • mikekahrs

      Indeed, every time I download an update from within WWB6, I can't find it and have to manually download the update.  Waste of time, every time.

    • Sam Drazin

      Hi Mike,

      I'm sorry to hear that you're still having issues with the update process for WWB6.  Since this original post (Jan. 2012), we have tried to make the update process significantly more streamlined.

      I am not sure if you are familiar with the Shure Update Utility, but this relatively new application was built specifically to facilitate quick, secure, and stable software and firmware updates for all things Shure.  

      When launched explicitly, the Shure Update Utility is a firmware update application, which can check for and send updates to all Shure networked devices (tutorial video here).  With WWB6 6.9 and later, the Shure Update Utility can check for new WWB6 versions, and can launch the installer if desired (no more digging around your computer for the downloaded installer file).  To do this, open WWB6 (6.9 or later) and select Help > Check for Wireless Workbench 6 Updates from the menu.  

      Please let us know if you continue to have any other issues.  I hope that you have better luck updating your Shure software in the future.  



    • mikekahrs

      Hi Sam,


      In both the update utility and WWB6 I can not update from within the application.  I am on W7 SP1.  Any suggestions?  And, where does WWB6 and/or the update utility put the download?





    • Sam Drazin


      For both WWB6 and the Shure Update Utility, there are minimum version requirements for the self-check software update workflow to work.  Please confirm that your software meets these versions or later:

      1. Shure Update Utility 2.0.2
      2. WWB 6.9

      Then, follow these steps for either WWB6 or Shure Update Utility:

      1. Ensure you have a valid internet connection
      2. Launch the application
      3. From the menu, select Help > Check for <application name> Updates
      4. The Shure Update Utility will show you if any software updates were found for that application.
      5. If updates are found, you can select to "Download" them right from that dialog.  All downloads are placed at the following path
        1. Documents/Shure/Firmware
      6. The files placed at that path have the .pack extension, which is how Shure packages software/firmware assets.  These can be unzipped to access the installer file if necessary.

      Let me know how this goes... 


    • mikekahrs

      Thanks, Sam.

      1) I manually download WWB6 and SUU from this forum so they're always current.

      2)  I am on a W7 SP1 machine.  How does one unzip the .pack?  Not by right-clicking.

      3) Seems to me, as I still can't update from within the applications, that it's simpler to download updates from the forum when the application says there's an update, and install the updater as I do most application updates.

      I'm not complaining, mind you, I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong, if it works for others.  WWB6 rules.




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