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    Reid Wall
    AXT600 benefits without Axient?
    Topic posted January 18, 2014 by Reid WallBeginner 
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    AXT600 benefits without Axient?
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    Considering purchasing an AXT600 for a kit that does NOT have any other axient stuff....
    Other than being a really fast and convenient scanner, what benefits does the AXT600 give me, over importing a WinRadio Scan into WWB6? Does it do anything fancy for ULXD/UHFR/PSM1000?



    • Gino Sigismondi

      The AXT600 can scan and coordinate frequencies for ALL networked Shure wireless hardware, ULXD, UHF-R, and PSM1000, without the need for a computer running WWB6. Additionally, the performance of the AXT600 more closely resembles that of our wireless receivers, which gives you potentially more accurate scan data than the WinRadio.

      If you are using the AXT600 with WWB6, the scanning process is a little more seamless than with a WinRadio. The AX600 can be controlled directly from the software, whereas with the WinRadio, you'd need to perform the scan using the WinRadio software, save it, and them import the scan data into WWB6.  


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