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    Converted FCUserDefined.TXT to WWB6 Profiles
    Topic posted September 18, 2013 by ceseNovice 
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    Converted FCUserDefined.TXT to WWB6 Profiles

    In WWB5 the German SHURE distribution had a file which added non-SHURE equipment to the WWB5 (should still be online). Those profiles where created by some pro-users.

    Some of the spacings where slightly different (mostly more narrow) than the ones offered with WWB 6 (the "new ones" are a bit safer but the "old ones" might give you opportunity to find more frequencies).

    I build a small tool to convert the FCUserDefined.TXT to WWB6 Profiles.

    However - here they are...





    • buhmanb


      The approach to "Masterlist mode" for the "out of the box" Shure ULX, SLX profiles is a little different now. There is a "Masterlist mode" checkbox in the Equipment Profile dialog for those units.

      So the "(Masterlist)" profiles may not be necessary - though the .eqp files you provided are a good starting point for tweaking settings.

      The *UR MW5 profiles "More Robust" filter end are 300 MHz. Would have expected 30 MHz. But maybe the source data (FCUserDefined.txt) was off.

      I've also been enjoying the UHFRControl for iPad

      You are a power user! Thanks much for sharing!


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