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    zone changing to default
    Topic posted June 9, 2013 by LisaCompetent 
    zone changing to default

    I recently preprogrammed my gear with WWB 6.61.13. I assigned the equipment to 2 zones. At the shop I hooked up all the gear to the network.

    The zone information reverted to "default" when I dragged and dropped the previously programmed equipment onto the existing equipment, even though I click the button "Keep all settings from Wireless Workbench". This happened with the UHF-R equipment. The ULXD equipment kept the correct (previously programmed) zone settings.

    I had to go back through the UHF-R equipment to reset the zone information.

    Later, onsite, twice I connected the Shure equipment to the network, loaded the saved show file and some of the UHF-R (not all) reverted to the "default" zone and had lost the color code I had given it. I received no notification indicating anything had changed. I again simply reset the zone info and changed the color code. The frequency information did not change.

    I've attached the show file... never mind it's too big.

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