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    MTx on UR4D
    Topic posted January 3, 2013 by mihau89Beginner 
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    MTx on UR4D

    I've had very unusual situation.

    I'm using UR4D receivers with UR1 Body pack transmitters.

    I was surprised that on my UR4D receiver, in place of battery indication, I saw MTx, which (as far as I know) stands for Multiple transmitter mode.

    I thought that only UR5 Transmitters have that option?

    It happend twice and didn't happen anymore.

    Software of UR4D Receivers is 1.167.

    Is it possible that I triggered it from WWB6 because it's some feature for AXIENT?

    Best regards!



    • buhmanb
      Hi Michal,

      I think you may have seen displayed was "MW1 or MW2," not MTx.

      MW1 and MW2 are variants of the UR1 and UR2 for the Japan/Korea market.

      It is rare, but sometimes in noisy or end of range RF conditions the UR4 briefly decodes the signal as coming from a MW1. This self corrects and has no effect on the audio.

      So I don't think you triggered anything from WWB6. ;-)

      -Hope that helps
    • mihau89
      Thanks for your answer but I'm pretty sure that I saw MTx....that's why I was so surprised....

      I'll make a photo if I notice it next time!

      Thanks for quick response :)

      Best regards!


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