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    8 Character Limit for Device ID and Channel Name?
    Topic posted February 8, 2012 by bill.saltzerNovice 
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    8 Character Limit for Device ID and Channel Name?
    When trying to rename channels, it appears that there is an 8 character limit to both the Channel Name and Device ID Fields. Am I doing something wrong, or is there really an 8 character limit to these fields? I understand that this may be the limit of the display on the transmitter screens, but if the intention of WWB6 is really to be coordination software for an event, then I think you should consider adding a description field of some sort so that an RF coordinator can keep accurate notes within the software regarding what frequencies have been assigned to what user(s)



    • JDDuCrest
      I get Name / Device ID character counts of 25 for non-networked devices. 12 / 3 for UHF-R and 8 / 8 for Axient, PSM1K. It used to be 8 max for all devices which turned into a name game. Hopefully the Axient, PSM1K count will be increased too. I agree with you and also requested a "User-defined" tab be added for notes, serial #'s, ect.


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