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    Sam Drazin
    Devices Falling Offline for Macs - Troubleshooting
    Topic posted May 18, 2015 by Sam DrazinExpert 
    Devices Falling Offline for Macs - Troubleshooting
    Personal Computer:
    Mac OS X 10.9 and later

    There have been several reports of devices falling offline for users using Macs.  There may be several sources to this issue, so I wanted to capture solutions to them here for troubleshooting purposes.  If we find any other issues, I will update this post.

    App Nap

    • Background
      • Introduced in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, this feature suspends background processes for applications that are not being run in the foreground.  
      • This can cause networking/discovery issues between Shure devices and WWB6.
    • How to Resolve
      • In Finder, open the Applications folder, and find "Wireless Workbench 6".
      • Right click, or Command click on "Wireless Workbench 6", and select "Get Info".
      • In the General section, ensure that "Prevent App Nap" is checked (see attached image).


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