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    Peak Hold
    Topic posted March 2, 2015 by westontsmithNovice 
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    Peak Hold
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    The feature I have always wanted on my hardware and software with WWB is to have a PEAK HOLD on the audio.  Shure has always had the walkabout feature that stored the RF carrier signal strength over time.  I think it would be very handy to be able to monitor the audio quality over time - very similar to how amplifiers can let you know if there is a fault of any kind.



    • buhmanb

      There is an Audio Overload Hold feature that was introduced in WWB  

      • Audio Overload Hold enables the user to hold an overload event on any audio meter of a networked Shure device.  Once enabled in Preferences, audio meters that experience an overload event will hold their clip indicator, and can be cleared by clicking anywhere on the audio meter.  Also, a right-click option in the Monitor tab can clear all audio overload holds.

      Look under the Preferences >  General > "Enable Audio Overload Hold for all audio meters"

      Is that what you're after?  Or are you looking for something more similar to the RF History Plot but for the audio meters?

      Thanks for the feedback!


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