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    iPad App Control
    Topic posted May 12, 2013 by StuBeginner 
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    iPad App Control
    I would like to see WWB to be able to run on an iPad. As an app. Is that even possible?
    Also, make the App where more than one user could sign in to the same system with a passcode. Reasoning is for a screen in Monitor or wireless world and one that could be mobile with a tech to take with him on another iPad. For troubleshooting or changes during the show to gear not at the main hub.


    • Evan Landry

      Please oh please oh please Shure, Please develop a WWB app for iPad!

    • timot

      Hi all,

      Please see the link below regarding the ShurePlus Channel Mobile App - bringing wireless system control to iOS7 enabled devices :)



    • oberta

      WWB6 on Android would be very helpful

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