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    iPad App Control
    Topic posted May 12, 2013 by StuBeginner 
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    iPad App Control
    I would like to see WWB to be able to run on an iPad. As an app. Is that even possible?
    Also, make the App where more than one user could sign in to the same system with a passcode. Reasoning is for a screen in Monitor or wireless world and one that could be mobile with a tech to take with him on another iPad. For troubleshooting or changes during the show to gear not at the main hub.


    • gerrievictor
      I would also like to see WWB on iPad, please.
    • zjkerns
      WWB on Ipad would be very useful.
    • steveratcliff
      WWB monitoring on an iPad would certainly be useful. I can't see myself coordinating mics and running scans from an iPad.
    • june lee

      i need too. please make wwb6 for iPad app

    • Diogo Nunes Pereira

      Would love this capability also.

      In the meanwhile I'll keep on using TeamViewer in the iPad to remote my PC.



    • soundguy098

      I've seen a third party app that looked like it performed well enough..its in the App store called UHFRControl...this is not a recommendation..But i've seen it used and it did as advertised..

    • Gerard Pereira
      What about an App for smartphones (remote testbench unit extension feature) with an audio peak function so a tech is walking around handsfree with headphones and gets a software generated alarm to indicate whatever function the software is set to recieve ie interference, peak performance, etc
    • Matthew McNeil

      Would love to see WWB6 on iPad. Would be very handy.

      Maybe it could live on the same wifi network as the laptop / desktop running WWB6 and just allow key changes & monitoring to be done from the iPad itself.

    • mat

      oh yes, ipad app, but android too.

      it is very boring to see apps for Ipad and not android, and Android apps, but not Ipad.....

    • Evan Landry

      I personally find it SHOCKING that Shure has not yet developed WWB for iPad.  This is an industry where portability is key.  Yamaha has apps for their digital consoles, and Shure must get with the program.  Pardon the pun. 

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