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    Sam Drazin
    Full Band Scan with AXT400 Receiver
    Topic posted November 7, 2011 by Sam DrazinExpert, last edited December 6, 2013 by AdminProficient, tagged how-to 
    Full Band Scan with AXT400 Receiver


    The AXT400 receiver is capable of tuning to a bandwidth of roughly 228 MHz. Within this range, a specific band is selected at any given time in which the receiver operates. When scanning, however, the AXT400 can perform a scan across the entirety of its tuning capability. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to perform a wideband scan using the AXT400.

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    Discover an AXT400 on your network

    Launch Wireless Workbench 6, and connect to a network with an AXT400 receiver. You will see the device listed in the Inventory View once discovered.


    Select the AXT400 as a device to scan

    Navigate to the "Frequency Coordination" tab, and select "Change Scan Data"_" from the right sidebar. This will present the "Scan Data" dialog.


    Select "Settings"_" to view a full list of online Shure devices that are capable of scanning.


    Check the channel of the AXT400 that you would like to perform the scan. Then, modify the channel's "Start" and "Stop" frequency values to extend to the wideband edges of the receiver by double clicking and typing the new value in the text area.

    For "Start", enter 470.125 MHz. For "Stop", enter 697.875 MHz. (Note: this is the maximum tuning range of an AXT400 receiver.)


    Notice that the "Band Preset" field of the modified channel will change to "Custom" instead of whatever band the receiver was tuned to previously. This indicates that the scanning bandwidth is a different range than one of the preset bands.

    Start the scan

    Select "Start". This will begin the wideband scan from the specified "Start" and "Stop" values. The scan data will populate the Frequency Coordination plot.


    Note that you can modify the scanned frequency range by entering any "Start" and "Stop" values that lie within the bounds of those mentioned above.

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