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    Way to deselect zones from being part of frequency...
    Topic posted December 5, 2012 by micmanBeginner 
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    Way to deselect zones from being part of frequency coordination to calculate new freqs?
    I am using a "Show" file on WWB6 as my master inventory of all 110 wireless mics we have.
    We have a college type campus with 3 buildings. I have 4 separate zones that have anywhere from 6 to 14 permanent mics. We also have a large pool of portable wireless mics that move around day to day into or near the 4 different zones. I would like to have all portable mics on a permanent frequency to simplify day to day setups.
    Finally my question...To do frequency coordination of all the portables with each zone there a way to deselect 3 zones of mics from the inventory tab, without deleting them, so they are not part of the calculation of new frequencies? Or do I have to setup a different show file with each zone with portable mics?




    • Gino Sigismondi
      If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like you want any of the portables to work in any of the zones, without having to change frequencies. If so, then you can't coordinate them in isolation. That is, if you coordinate a set of frequencies for the portable units that work in one zone, that set won't necessarily be compatible with the mics in another zone. You can, however, treat all the portables as their own zone, and assuming they don't actually get used within another zone, then they will all work.

      That said, to answer your question directly, if click on the Manage Channels dialog box under Frequency Coordination, you can deselect any channels you would like to remain on their current frequency. You can sort this list by Zone, which will make it easier to deselect that channels that you'd like to remain unaffected.

      So, if you go that route, it will let you coordinate a set of channels for the portable units that will be compatible within itself, and with the other zones, but moving any of these portable systems actually into another zone could create a problem.

      Hope that helps!
    • Reid Wall
      Hi Gino,
      I'm trying to accomplish the same thing...... Is there no way to have the system calculate some devices for "all zones"....
      My application is similar, 2 different venues to coordinate, but a few microphones that may move to anywhere on campus......
    • Gino Sigismondi

      Unfortunately, there is not. As soon as you start to use zones, those devices that you don't assign to a zone become part of the "default" zone, which is, in and of itself, a separate zone!

      The best way to handle that situation is to not use zones and calculate it all as one big group of wireless. And unless you are really using a lot of wireless (like in a convention center with many meeting rooms) you may not need to use zones anyway. Zones are mostly a tool to try and maximize the number of possible channels, but if you are able to find enough frequencies without using zones, all the better.

      And in this scenario, since you won't be using all the wireless together in the same room at the same time, you can confidently coordinate using the "More Frequencies" setting, knowing that any subset of frequencies you are using is well within the parameters of the system.
    • pauldab
      I can see what you are trying to acheive (and I have a similar situation where I work).

      I went about it slightly differently, firstly created a showfile with just the portable mics.

      Then have a showfile for each of the permanent areas that is a copy that "portable" showfile and add the permanent inventory.

      In the co-ordination page, set the already co-ordinated portable stock to not change frequency and then calculate a new set of permanent frequencies that are compatible with the portable stock.
    • Liam135db
      Would be good if the 'default' Zone was a global zone that didn't act like a seperate zone, but instead anything in the default zone was calculated as if those units were active in all zones simultaneously!
      I have a situation in which this would be very useful too!

    • Reid Wall
      I concur with Liam.....
    • glasstronomic
      Would be good if the 'default' Zone was a global zone that didn't act like a seperate zone, but instead anything in the default zone was calculated as if those units were active in all zones simultaneously!
      I have a situation in which this would be very useful too!


      +1 YES!

      Even better, but far more complex for the calculation algorithms, would be a zone properties window, for each zone, with a series of check boxes representing every other zone. Check the boxes of other zones that you want this zone to be intermod calculated with. It would be awesomely powerful and flexible for coordinating large shows that take place in one physical space.

      Maybe a less complex, but also less powerful implementation of such capability could be "master zones" and "sub zones", where sub zones are intermod calculated with all frequencies in their associated master zone, but not with the other sub zones. This would work well for situations where you have a "house band" performing throughout an event, in a master zone, and other "guest acts" that come on and off throughout the show calculated under sub zones.
    • Lisa F.

      I know this is an old thread, but is there going to be any development on this? I particularly like the last post's first suggestions, would be a great help for a lot of different situations including the threadstarter's problem-

      Could also see a properties window to select an "everywhere" or "master" zone as opposed to "seperate" or "sub" zones, and also spacing options, ie. the closer you get to a bunch of RF channels the more conservative you have to calculate.

      The last time I calculated a multiple stage festival with travelling gear, I started out with calculating the "busiest" zone first, then keeping the frequencies for travelling gear and went on to include them in the calculation of the other zones, wich of course I had to calculate successively. Doing this works fine - until you have to add or change something. Then it becomes painful and very time consuming.

    • Anonymousposted March 30, 2015
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