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    Frequency Coordination Marker colours...
    Topic posted May 17, 2015 by SteveCaldwellBeginner, last edited May 17, 2015 
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    Frequency Coordination Marker colours...

    In ver 6.11 you have changed the colour of the frequency markers on the coordination spectrum from reflecting the colour assigned to the channel, to reflecting just Red/Green for coordinated/uncoordinated. Is it possible to have these markers optionally reflect the colours assigned to the channels once more..? Or maybe selectable with a checkbox.

    Below is a screen shot of the previous version frequency markers with the channel colouring. attached below is a screenshot of the ver 6.11 before analysis.




    • Paulo Rodrigues

      Yes. I agree that it is extremely helpful having the channel colors match the markers. Also the channel labels don't seem to display either, unless I'm missing something. Please add these features back in the next update. 

    • Sam Drazin

      Thanks for your feedback, and letting us know that it's important to see channel colors and channel labels super-imposed on the spectrum plots in WWB6.

      We should be able to add the ability to choose the coloring scheme of those markers (compatibility, or channel color) in a future update.

      You should, however, be able to see frequency markers with their channel colors of deployed frequencies in the Frequency Plot, but there also happens to be a bug in that is preventing that from working in some scenarios.  We are in the middle of fixing that now.

      @Paulo Rodrigues: Regarding channel labels, was it readable to view the labels as they were displayed in previous versions?  Often times we witnessed users with markers like the screenshot posted by @SteveCaldwell, where the channel labels all overlapped one another, and were not legible.  We removed the labels in 6.11, and added the ability to select a marker, and it's corresponding frequency in the Coordination Workspace would become selected as well to clear up the plot view.  

      Perhaps a more clear presentation of channel labels on the plot is desired?

    • Paulo Rodrigues

      Im running version and not getting any preset colored markers. If I open a show file from 6.10 after conversion the markers do retain their color scheme from the inventory page. Might be nice to have colors also come to the Coordination Workspace pane. To easily be able to find what your looking for. Being able to resize the Frequency Coordination plot to full screen with a click might be helpful, instead of having to drag/hide the panes around it.. You are right about the labels not being legible with many channels in use, not sure how to make that any better?



    • SteveCaldwell

      Thanks Sam,

      I personally am not fussed about the marker naming, as you can see from the screen shot above, there are almost 300 resolved frequencies in that shot, and markers will never be able to be read unless really zoomed up.


    • Lisa F.

      Me, too. Miss the colours. I'm also keen to see the marker names. Cheers. 

    • SteveCaldwell

      While your on the subject of Markers Sam, for some reason you can no longer turn on or off the markers that get imported with WinRadio scans, independantly of the resolved solution markers. the tick box for markers now turns on or off all markers. Previous version had a righ-click dialog on the Marker tray in the spaectrum plot that allowed you to select either imported markers or resolved markers. Can you place an imported Markers tick box on the spectrum plot features window?



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