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    Billy Waggoner
    SLX2 to SLX4 compatability identification.
    Topic posted July 27, 2015 by Billy WaggonerNovice 
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    SLX2 to SLX4 compatability identification.
    Personal Computer:
    Toshiba A305
    Windows 7, Professional Edition 64-Bit
    Standard Network Functionality to Internet via ISP
    Shure Hardware:
    Shure SLX4 Receiver, G4 470-494MHz

    I am a novice with regards to the use of the Shure SLX4 wireless receiver so I wanted to reach out in hopes of getting some clarity about a compatible Mic before purchasing. I have read the documentation on my receiver and noticed the 11 different bands and ranges this device is capable of communicating on. I have identified on the bottom of my receiver the notation of "G4 470-494MHz" which has led me to assume that is the range of the bandwith spectrum in which this device in tuned to receive. I did not receive a mic with this receiver as my kids who purchased it were not certain of just what to get so I have been looking at retailers and Ebay for a mic that I can use. My question is: When looking for mics I have noticed some are listed with a particular band notation while some are not. Is there a way to physically identify via a stamp, sticker, LCD notation, etc. what Band a particular transmitter or SLX2 device is tuned for...? I have found a gentleman who is willing to sell me his he acquired when his son passed away but neither of us can find any identification that would give me a definitive answer that this mic will work with my receiver. Due to this being an out of state transaction, simply trying to sync the two is not an option. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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