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    Gino Sigismondi
    Spectrum Scan Bug (firmware 2.0.5)
    Topic posted October 28, 2014 by Gino SigismondiProficient 
    Spectrum Scan Bug (firmware 2.0.5)

    MXW Firmware version 2.0.5 has a minor bug that affects the performance of the Spectrum Scan function. 

    Symptom: When starting a Spectrum Scan, no data is displayed. Although data is actually being gathered, it is not being written to the web server GUI. This symptom only appears when a scan is being done in low RF environments, where the scan doesn't need to update often. In a higher RF noise environment, the scan will operate normally. 

    Workaround: If you observe this behavior, simply close the scan window (without ending the scan), and then reopen it by clicking Spectrum Scanner again. 

    The next firmware revision will address this issue. 

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