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    ShurePlus Channels
    Topic posted July 7, 2015 by mihau89Beginner, last edited July 7, 2015, tagged how-to 
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    ShurePlus Channels
    Personal Computer:
    MacBook Pro Retina 13" early 2015, OS X 10.10.4,
    Shure Hardware:


    Sometimes I don't have any router or access point and I would like to use my ShurePlus Channels app. I've tried connecting ethernet cable into macbook pro and then using internet sharing (thunderbolt ethernet > wifi)  to create a private network. Although ShurePlus Channels shows Macbook pro network name and it seems to be connected, I can't see any devices.

    Is it possible to connect your shure devices to macbook pro and then, via port sharing (in Preferences > Sharing), send all data to iOS device to use ShurePlus App?



    • buhmanb

      That is a very creative idea, but will not work as Apple's Internet Sharing creates a separate private network for "WiFi" and is performing Routing / Network Address Translation functionality.

      For example - The wired devices on your network may have IP addresses:
      ULXD4 :
      Mac (Wired interface):

      But the Mac's Internet Sharing over WiFi is acting as a router to a private network, and is assigning IP addresses to your "WiFi" devices - such as:

      That "routing / NAT" functionality is preventing the instance of ShurePlus Channels on the iPhone/iPad from being able to discover and connect to the ULXD4, QLXD4, etc..

      Even if you manually set the IP addresses of your ULXD4, etc to 192.168.2.x, the Routing / NAT functionality will block the necessary traffic.

      Maybe there is some 3rd party software that can make the Mac act more like an Access Point (without the routing / NAT) - but I'm not aware of any.

      When you use a Router / Access Point such as the Apple AirPort Extreme - the private network you are creating includes the devices (ULXD4, QLXD4, etc..) as well as the iPhones and iPads that are running ShurePlus Channels.

      Your best bet would be to get a Router / Access Point such as the Apple AirPort Extreme.

      Hope that helps!








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