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    ghost device or backup frequency in freq analysis?
    Topic posted January 30, 2015 by sharktoothCompetent 
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    ghost device or backup frequency in freq analysis?


    when doing a frequency analysis, a device not present in the inventory is taken in consideration named in the source tab "WWB: default". It seems to be a backup or an old device I deleted. Can I get rid of this please?



    • Glenn Parke

      Also, on a similiar note, our Axient AXT600 is showing up several times in the Frequency Analysis under the Source tab, which is interesting because it receives only. 

    • sharktooth

      Ok I got it, this is because 'automatically calculate frequencies' is checked under pref/coordination.

      Glenn, for my part I have a former session with an AXT600 and it's not displayed in the freq analysis window.


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