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    Wrong TV Channels Displayed
    Topic posted October 13, 2015 by guyNovice 
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    Wrong TV Channels Displayed
    Personal Computer:
    Asus ux303l, Windows 10 64Bit wired ethernet
    Shure Hardware:
    5 x UHFR K4E

    TV Channel information that is shown in the monitor tab is incorrect for the frequency used and does not match the TV channel shown on the UHFR recievers WWB6 should be showing UK TV Channel 38 for the chosen inclusion Group.




    • Sam Drazin

      Hi Guy,

      The TV channel shown on channel strips is calculated based on the frequency of the channel, and where that frequency falls on the TV Channel Map selected within your instance of WWB.  This TV Map is selected in the TV Channels dialog, in the Frequency Coordination tab, and is set by selecting the country of wireless system operation.  By default, the selected country is United States.  My guess is that you have this country field set to the United States, as 611.775 is in the US TV channel 37.

      To fix this, you can:

      1. Go to the Frequency Coordination tab, and select the gear next to the TV Channels section.  Within that dialog, select your country from the "Country" drop down at the top of the dialog - (in your case, United Kingdom).
      2. For the future, you can set your default country to be your primary country of operation in Preferences > Coordination, by selecting your country in the "Default Country"  drop down.

      Hope these tips help. Let me know if you have any other questions!


    • guy

      Thanks, problem solved!


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