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    Adding New Equipment Profiles & Telex BTRs - a dilemna
    Topic posted August 2, 2012 by westontsmithNovice 
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    Adding New Equipment Profiles & Telex BTRs - a dilemna
    I'm adding specific information for my Telex BTR wireless com today as new equipment profiles in WWB6. Since the Telex product only deploys in specific group and channels to both the basestation and the beltpacks, telling WWB6 a frequency range with a 25kHz step won't work. So, I think I'm going to have to enter them as the band A2/1, A2/2 etc. so that I can enter in the specific group and channel configurations that Telex has pre-coordinated.

    Am I missing something here? This would mean that I would need to type in data for the 24 possible groups, by listing the TX frequencies and the RX frequencies for each "band'.

    I'm thinking to make coordination "easier" I could perform a scan with Spectrum Manager and look for the open spaces. Once I found an open space where it looks like my BTRs could fit, select that "band" from WWB for my BTR stations and calculate new frequencies from there. Otherwise it would get odd to have to select all 24 groups per channel to find the best group frequencies. (Of course since the Telex gear doesn't network, there wouldn't be a problem with that approach).

    While I'm aware that the Telex product has Clearscan on their own, it doesn't take into account the whole spectrum either. So maybe I could perform a scan with the Telex unit, and then select the group from it and coordinate based upon that in WWB6. Thoughts?



    • Laveglia
      I believe you can specify the step width in the equipment profiles when you enter the BTRs into WWB6. You also do not have to use the preset coordinated frequencies from Telex to operate the BTRs. Since you are going to use WWB6 to coordinate your show just program them with the frequencies specified by WWB6 when you are done with the coordination.

      I am no expert so I would welcome comments from anyone who knows these things for sure!

      Dan L.


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