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    More on Zones/Locations and Custom Equipment Profiles
    Topic posted July 5, 2014 by tweeter103Novice 
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    More on Zones/Locations and Custom Equipment Profiles

    I often have a scenario where it is necessary to manage the spectrum from 2 physical locations, (e.g. a sports stadium, from the control room where many of the receivers are located, and also from the side line, where some receivers and most of the transmitters are located). It is a dynamic environment, we are stuck with late arriving ENG News crews, and other unexpected/late additions long after we have rehearsed the main requirements for Broadcast, Referees/Umpires, Entertainment, Function Rooms, Back of House, etc..

    We have a PC at each location, AXT600 Spectrum manager in the control room, and a guy that wears out shoe leather on the side line keeping up with ENG crews as they appear. He checks what they are already transmitting on against WWB and permits, or allocates a new frequency. The ENG hardware represents most major, and a few, questionable brands.

    We use Zones, to manage both geographic diversity (e.g. Back of House, vs. Field of Play) and time diversity, (e.g. pre-game/half-time entertainment vs. game).

    It all works pretty well, however keeping Custom Equipment Profiles, etc. in sync is challenging.

    Has anyone a better solution for sharing custom profiles 'in real time' than emailing them, using a file share, Dropbox, etc., exporting/importing, etc.




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