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    WWB latest version, problem with devices online
    Topic posted August 9, 2013 by mihau89Beginner 
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    WWB latest version, problem with devices online

    Recently I updated WWB6 to the newest version (

    When I'm trying to see all devices, my network status goes crazy.

    It discovers few devices each time and instantly goes to Network Off.

    I'm not sure what's going on. After few moments I have all my devices discovered, but all "greyed-out".

    This never happend before. It occured after update to I've tried to use previous version once again, but it didn't solve the case.

    On WWB5 everything goes fine.

    Please help me, because I'm stuck with this problem and don't have any idea how to fix it

    (As an attachment I give you exported Alert Log. It shows, that each device logs on and goes numb after second or two.)
    File 1:



    • buhmanb

      1. What OS are you running on? Win8, Win7, WinXP, MacOS 10.6.8 etc.. (There is a known UR4 discovery failure with WinXP + WWB Development is working on it.) Since you have tried earlier versions of WWB6 with similar failures - I think you are running into some different problem.

      2. What version of UR4 firmware? Look at the UR4's home screen when the UR4D boots up. The UR4 version must be 1.166 or greater. If the UR4s need to be updated, see this guide: Firmware Update UHF-R

      3. Make sure you only run 1 version of WWB at a time on the same computer. i.e. WWB6 only or WWB5 only.

      Hope one of those gets WWB6 working for you.

      If none of those help - try: WWB6 Menu: Reports > Firmware & Network Summary > Export as PDF and attach.


    • mihau89
      1. OS X 10.8.4

      2. Firmware is 1.167, I upgraded all receivers long time ago.

      3. I know about only one WWB running.

      I did the report thing, but it's useless. Since "No devices were discovered" I can see ip of network and subnet mask.

      I'm sure that all network settings are set up properly.

      First problems shown up when I upgraded WWB6 to the newest version. I restored previous version of WWB6. Didn't solve the problem.

      I'm curious why WWB6 has problems while WWB5 is running smoothly.

      - Michael.

      Thanks for quick answer !


      Not quite solved frankly speaking. I've just changed subnet mask from to .

      At first connection looks like this:

      - network settings (on my mac) subnet mask ---> hardware subnet mask

      Now it's like this:

      - network settings (on my mac) subnet mask ---> hardware subnet mask

      I still don't know why it helped.
    • buhmanb
      Thanks - I'm glad you have something working.
      It appears that your first settings "should" work too.

      One theory of why changing your settings helped:
      The network setup of the devices and computer are essential.
      The protocols used by WWB and the UR4 are sensitive to having exactly the same subnet mask and appropriately chosen IP addresses. (This is why I asked for the Firmware & Network Summary. If the devices don't "show up" - then I usually go and write down: Device: X, IP: Y, Sub: Z. Then make sure they look right when compared to the computer's settings.)

      When settings or the network environment are changed, various OSs, applications and devices handle this more or less gracefully. For example: maybe one of the WWB6 tasks was hung up preventing discovery. Changing the settings should trigger restarting those tasks. Similar on the UR4, network settings changes get applied after a reboot.

      So in a sense - your changes forced the devices and applications to "start fresh." Similar to the tactic many people try when they've run out of ideas: Reboot and Retry. We would rather find and address the root cause.

      In any event - glad that it is working for you now!
    • mihau89
      First of all, thanks for your help!

      Your theory seems legit

      It came to my mind that probably, I should reboot the tasks of WWB because it's choking itself. Although I didn't change net settings because after rebooting my mac and reinstalling WWB (2 different versions), I was sure that everything will be from the scratch.

      It's good to be a part of a community where people gets involved in your problems



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