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    Changes in FCSeries.txt are not recognized by wwb
    Topic posted March 2, 2012 by wolfgangbauerBeginner 
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    Changes in FCSeries.txt are not recognized by wwb
    - Manufacturer and Model of personal computer Apple Macbook pro 15" I7 8GB RAM
    - Operating System, OSX LION 10.7.3
    - OS Memory Addressing 64 BIT
    - WWB Version
    - Network Connection not in this case

    Hello again,

    due to the fact that in germany, each company gets a set of licenced frq's for their used hardware from the regulation office, i have to change the series from variable frq to fixed frq and add the licenced frqs to each series i want to use. I know, for coordination only i can add a new equipment profile, but i cant program my receivers and transmitters to the calculation result. I am used to edit this file with workbench 5.0.5. If i do it the same way in workbench 6 the changes are not recognized by the program. Finally, i cant use workbench six in future if you cant fix or have a workaround. A good solution would be the possibility to create a userdefined transmitter-profile. If i add a UR4D device i would like to select a special, company based transmitter profile which includes the licenced frqs. If you add a axient device, you can choose if you want to use uhfr-transmitter or axient transmitter-profile.

    I hope you understand my problem an how urgent it is
    have a nice day




    • Erik Vaveris
      Hi Wolfgang,

      You are correct - actually FCSeries.txt should be removed from the installer. It is not used by WWB6.

      In order to do what you're asking, unfortunately I have to suggest a similar workaround. The file FCContinents.txt is still used by the application and can be modified. You can use this to add a User Group for Germany that contains the list of frequencies that you have licensed. Hopefully the format in the file is clear enough. Please note that you can specify individual frequency if you separate them with a comma. A range can be specified using a colon. When you restart the application, the new user group will show up in the choices in the User Groups section found in the Frequency Coordination tab. When you select your user group, your coordination will only contain frequencies from that list. Sorry to have to suggest a workaround. We are looking at adding a simpler way to do this from within the application.

    • wolfgangbauer
      Hi Erik,

      hmm, thats no sweet workaround. Think about 10 P8-Transmitters from company x and 10 P8 Transmitters from company Y and 10.........If i remember correct there was the rule to add the frq's in ascending order, but i will play a bit with your solution, maybe it will work fine. Think about how easy it would be to work with transmitter profiles- you define series,band, licenced frq's in a profile and load it into a device in the inventory, like it is possible in the axcient series with the UHFR-transmitters. To be true - I am realy disapointed by the file formats you use for import and export, save and equipment profiles. With csv,txt,sl2,gen it was easy for me to modify the software to my needs and import my solutions into the winradio software (for overall monitoring).

    • wolfgangbauer

      sadly, your solution is a lot of work. The problem is, you get for psm900 p8 some different frq's licenced like you get for the UR4D P8. This means for me to add usergroups for each series and this for each company. If i hire 12 psm1000 from a company and combine those with my UR4D and my PSM 1000 think about the work to be done for calculating, analyzing and maybe recalculating. I think it might be the best to make it possible to allow the setup of a frequencypool (licenced frq's per series) for the devices in the inventory or to make it possible to load user-equipment profiles with fix frq's (licenced frq's) as base for calculation and deploy the result to the device.

      (i never said it would be easy...)
    • Erik Vaveris
      Hi Wolf-
      Thanks for taking the time to look into this further and clarify what you need. We'll look into what we can do in a future version.
      Thank you!!
    • roywelter
      Hello Wolfgang,
      That sounds difficult, having to enter specific frequencies allowed.
      I was curious- in Germany does the regulation office grant a range of frequencies for use by your company, or is it instead a block of specific frequencies? I would assume these are for use in a general geographic location, for a period of perhaps a year? About how many specific frequencies, or if a range, how many MHz?
      Dankesch√® n,
    • wolfgangbauer
      Hello Roy,

      yeah, its not realy funny. Dont think the regulation office is calculating a big compatible setup and give each company a part of it. As company you have to licence your hf-transmitters one time, and then you have to pay per year a fee. With your licence document you get a set of frequency for your equipment - if you have for example 5 double PSM1000 you get around 20 frq's of their choice if you dont ask for special frqs you have calculated in forward. Sadly, often their set of frq's is not compatible or flexible enough to solve big setups with other equipment with their according licened frqs. If i work for broadcast its much easier - they dont have a licence with fix frq's - they get a range of, for example the J5E-Band or H4E -Band. Summary - its a lot of work before a event happens, i have to manually insert the licenced frq's per series and company in the workbench 5.0.5. The Version 6 has at the moment no possibility to do this without programming my receivers/transmitters manualy.

      i hope i could give you some information about the situation in germany....
    • roywelter
      Hi Wolfgang,
      Thank you for the reply. That sounds like a difficult and frustrating situation. Single channel frequency allocation for festivals is Stone Age.
      There is a saying here "if you can't beat them, join them". The regulatory agencies (and wireless users) would benefit from having someone such as you advising them, someone with "real world" experience doing wireless mic coordination.
      Good luck,
    • wolfgangbauer
      Hi Roy,

      we have one guy out there, fighting hard for better frq-situation in germany - Jens Stellmacher from shure europe. Thats why i have no fear out there - i now there will be better times for us....:)))) thats for shure.
    • maikelmk2

      any news for make the scans in germany in a self edited text file ?

      in wwb5 it was quite easy to edit the FCContinent file
      i'm missing a solution or the error is sitting in front of wwb6 now

      thumbs up Maikel
    • Sam Drazin
      Hi Maikel,

      In actuality, you can edit the FCContinents.txt file that ships with WWB6 today, and changes will be recognized within the application. This is not the same, however, for the FCSeries.txt and FCUserDefined.txt files; these are not utilized by WWB6, and any edits you make will be ignored.

      What exactly are you trying to accomplish by editing the FCContinents.txt file? I'd like to see if we can find a workaround to address your specific needs.



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