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    Diogo Nunes Pereira
    Barcelona (Spain) TV Channels exclusions file
    Topic posted January 28, 2014 by Diogo Nunes PereiraCompetent, last edited January 28, 2014 
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    Barcelona (Spain) TV Channels exclusions file
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    Hi there,

    this is my Barcelona TV channels exclusion file. National [N], Regional [A] and Local [L] broadcasters are included for Barcelona metro area and surrounding cities. Barcelona city channels are default selected. Other close-by cities are included and labeled in the file  but not selected by default.

    Here's the list (Channel # - Coverage Type [N,A,L] - Description - Default selected [Y/N]):

    22 - L - Abertis HD - Y

    24 - L - Mataró - N

    26 - L - Barcelona - Y

    27 - N - Multiplex MPE2- Y

    30 - L - Vilanova i la Geltru - N

    31 - N - Multiplex RGE2- Y

    33 - A - Multiplex 3 - Y

    34 - N - Multiplex MPE3 - Y

    37 - L - Igualada - N

    39 - L - Sabadell - N

    40 - L - Granollers - N

    44 - A - Multiplex 2 - Y

    45 - L - Sabadell - N

    46 - L - Cornella de Llobregat - N

    47 - N - Multiplex MPE1 - Y

    48 - L - Barcelona - Y

    49 - L - Manresa - N

    50 - L - Vic - N

    53 - L - Cornella de Llobregat - N

    61 - A - Multiplex 1 - Y

    64 - N - Multiplex RGE1 - Y

    67 - N - Multiplex SFN2 - Y

    68 - N - Multiplex SFN3 - Y

    69 - N - Multiplex SFN4 - Y

    If you need more info on TV channels is Spain this is a good place to go. You can search by coverage type (cobertura), state (CCAA), city (provincia) or channel (canal). Good place to go until WWB get some spanish data on the database...

    Hope this is useful. I'll also post some scans (AXT600, J5E, L3E an R9) I've done in Barcelona in the past on the scans part of the forum so you can check souble check the noise by yourself.






    • hautzir

      Hi Diogo,


      The current TV channel database that is set up in the WWB6 was created by EarPro, our official distributr in Spain.


      Do you think that this database is valid or do you think that there are things to be changed?


      I am pretty sure that earPro would be very happy to hear about an update if there is one.


      Best, Ron

    • Diogo Nunes Pereira

      Hi Ron,

      I find the TV Channel database a very usefull feature in WWB and used it in the past in countries such as Portugal, France, Germany, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. So I was quite happy to finally find Spain in the drop-down list of Countries in v.6.9; and while doing a postal code lookup, all the regions were there and you could get the postal code for your city you search for...

      But when you finally choose a location, or put a postal code yourself, there is no data regarding the occupied TV channels for that particular city. It just brings no results at all... at least for the ones I looked up.

      I'm based in Barcelona, and the postal codes I tried here (08015, 08004 and 08001) don't bring up any data yet. I imagine it is a lot of work to get this thing right, and when you do get it right, TV channel allocations will change :( (in 2015 they surelly will because of the digital dividend realocation). 

      We'll just have to wait I guess... In the meanwhile it's cool we can crowd-source the TV channels and scan data, the more the better, so kudos to everybody who keeps on sharing!



    • hautzir

      Hi Diogo and thanks for letting us know.

      We will look into this with EarPro to complete the database.

      Thanks again and all the best.



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