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    Manual frequency coordination
    Topic posted July 31, 2013 by QCTECHNovice 
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    Manual frequency coordination
    Hello- I was trying to use the WWB6 in the manual mode as I don't have any equipment that I can use to do a live scan. I have several different brands of gear in house and thought this was be a good way of avoiding interference between them. I entered the gear and did the scan which provided me with best frequencies to use for each brand. My problem surfaced when I tried to manually set those frequencies and found that many of them don't exist for the given brand. The Shure frequencies were no problem of course. The ones for The Sennehiser and Telex are where the problems are. Any advise?



    • mihau89


      If you have your WWB6 you should be ready to go with your setup.

      In upper-left corner of WWB6 you have "Add new device" button. You should be able to choose and select all devices you want to use, whatever their brand is.

      Next thing to do is to connect one of your Shure device to computer, and do the live scan of environment. (Frequency Coordination tab > Change scan data (column on the right) > Setting (to choose your scanner), > Perform Scan.

      In Frequency Coordination tab, lower-right corner, you have Calculate New Frequencies.

      Make sure that "Automatically calculate exclusions from applied scan data" is checked.

      You can do whole this procedure without linking your device to WWB6, but in that way you can only calculate compatibile frequencies between all devices you added.

      Using scanner should help you avoiding any background radio interferences.

      Best Regards,


    • Daniel Richards


      I'm experiencing the same difficulty as the initial poster.  I'm attempting to coordinate frequencies for a set of 22 Audio Technica 3000 series wireless units.  I've followed the appropriate steps as outlined in the instructions (and in your post), but the workbench insists on generating frequencies that are simply not selectable on my units. For example, it will specify a specific frequency of 542.450 MHz, but my wireless units can only be manually set for 545.375 or 545.500. At least 25% of the results being generated by the workbench aren't selectable by my units.  I can find no work around for this problem.  Is this a bug, perhaps?



    • Daniel Richards


      We've managed to solve this issue.  The tuning step size is incorrectly recorded for the Audio Technica 3000 series wireless units.  It defaults to 25 kHz, but it should be set to 125 kHz.  Here's how to override: In the Tools drop-down menu, select Equipment Profiles.  Find the manufacturer, model, and band for your wireless unit(s).  Click the Tuning tab and manually change the Step size to the appropriate value for your units.  Go back to the Profile Details tab and type a new name into the Model field.  This will allow you to save the modified profile under a new name.  Go ahead and save the profile.  Go back to your Inventory tab and Add a new device using your new, updated profile.  This should allow the Frequency Coordinator to spit-out some usable values.

      I would qualify this as a bug.  Someone in development needs to revisit the default profiles and make sure that the tuning step-size is correctly recorded for the various manufacturers and models.



    • Sam Drazin


      Daniel is right; any incorrect information we have regarding all provided equipment profiles (our own or 3rd party) constitutes a bug, and we will address this as soon as possible.

      If you happen to find any other errors in the provided equipment profiles, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

      Thanks for your feedback, and I'm glad to hear the 3rd party profiles are getting utilized!



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