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    modify compatility level
    Topic posted March 11, 2014 by sharktoothCompetent 
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    modify compatility level


    I would like to know if there is a way to modify the compatibility level from Standard to More Robust once the configuration is set up. It seems like it's, presently, taken in consideration when we add a device.

    Furthermore can we modify compatibility level only for some RF lines, instead of for the whole range of a category, for example for the lead singer and keep standard or more frequencies for the other pieces of the band.




    • hautzir

      Hi there,


      You can adjust the compatibility level even when you are in the ` calculate new frequencies` tab and also in the `tools --> preferences --> compatibility level`.


      Currently you can only set the compatibility level per device and band and can´t split up between devices per band. I believe that it is good as it is as otherwise the coordination would get very confusing. What do you think?


       Best, Ron

    • sharktooth

      Thank you Ron,

      so I can modify compatibility level once my session is created, great!

      Indeed, if that's too confusing, an other option would be to take a different band for the lead RF lines. Thanks


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