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    Diogo Nunes Pereira
    RF History Plot Diversity
    Topic posted March 4, 2016 by Diogo Nunes PereiraCompetent 
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    RF History Plot Diversity
    Personal Computer:
    DELL M4800, 64bit, windows10
    Shure Hardware:
    2x ULXD4D, 2x ULXD4Q


    in my system, it seems RF History plot always shows both antennas RF signal at the same level - as if there were no diversity.

    I see two colors is the sidebar for the receiver A and B antennas but the lines are always one on top of the other. 

    I have two antennas, separated enought so I should see nulls in coverage in the RF dead spots, shouldn't I?







    • SteveCaldwell

      That often happens if you accidentaly have both antennas connected to the same output side of a distribution unit. However, I think that ULXD use predictive diversity, not full diversity, and so they really only have a single RF strip. The receiver cant show you both antennas simultaneously. I think you will find the trace changes colour as each antennas is used.


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