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    Some keyboard functions stop working
    Topic posted August 25, 2015 by SapnaNovice 
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    Some keyboard functions stop working
    Personal Computer:
    Macbook Pro 13", mid 2010, OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks

    Some of my keyboard functions stop working while I am in a WWB6 file coordinating frequencies. The short cuts for cut, copy and paste stop working. Also function + delete do not work to delete a line from the coordination window. But the save and quit are fine. To get around it I load the file again. But I have to do this every few minutes sometimes. This happened with the last few versions of WWB6 too. Anyone else experiencing this?



    • hautzir

      Hi there,

      I never heard of this so far. Can you let us know what operating system you are using? Did this happen with different laptops or only with one?



    • Sapna


      It's OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks. I've only had it on my laptop, but that's all I've ever really used to plot. I can't remember if I had the issue when I used Snow Leopard. And I can't remember when WWB6 came out. I upgraded my OS May 2014. But I've had the issue for many months, over different versions of WWB6. I haven't had the problem in any other application or program but I only use this for work, so I used MS Word, Excel and Safari mostly. 

      Thanks, Sapna


    • hautzir

      Hi Sapna,

      We already have an idea how this can be fixed but at the moment we can´t provide any implementation timeline.




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