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    Gino Sigismondi
    PLEASE READ!!! Support options for other Shure products
    Topic posted November 3, 2014 by Gino SigismondiProficient, last edited September 23, 2015 by Rick WallerBeginner 
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    PLEASE READ!!! Support options for other Shure products

    Note that the Microflex Wireless forum is for discussions related to the Microflex Wireless (MXW) product line only. In order to provide the best experience for MXW users, please refrain from posting topics regarding other Shure products. For questions or assistance, we have the following support options:

    1. Visit our interactive FAQ at This searchable interface houses answers to thousands of previously asked questions across the entire Shure product line.

    2. If you can't find a solution in the FAQ, submit an inquiry here. Inquiries are typically answered within 24 hours. 

    3. Call our Applications Engineering team at 800-516-2525, option 1, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Central time. 



    • Alex Viera

      I just Bough a Shure SLX2 wireless Mic on one place and SLX4 in another place went I try to Synchronize both together, it didn't Sync, I don't know why, I did everything correct but still not work. please help.


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