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    UR4D - displays on receivers freeze - WWB 6.6.1 / Firmware...
    Topic posted June 13, 2013 by glparkeCompetent 
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    UR4D - displays on receivers freeze - WWB 6.6.1 / Firmware 1.167
    I am having some issues with WWB 6.6.1 Firmware 1.167 . We run 24 UR4D in one theatre and in our other theatre we are running 20 UR4D systems. Both theatres experience issues with the displays freezing on one or a few receivers at random times. Never experienced this on firmware 1.153 or lower with WWB 5
    It does it on different receivers at different times. Today it did it after the software running about 3 hours, 3 receivers froze up on me (audio still passes) but the only way to get the meters and displays back is to reboot the systems.




    • buhmanb
      A few other people have reported this too. We've been able to reproduce it in our lab and the developers are working on it.

      In your cases - Is the RF environment and equipment setup roughly the same when you were running
      * Previous UR4 version 1.153 + WWB5
      * Now UR4 version 1.167 + WWB6.6.1.13 ?

      Will keep you posted.
    • glparke
      Yes, I just updated our receivers in our branson facility (with the 24 UR4D) last night from 1.150 / 1.153 to 1.167 and today during the first show with WWB 6, 3 receivers froze on me. We have been running those same UR4D for 2+ years. The other theatre has 1 or 2 freeze every day or other day and that facility is running 20 UR4D systems that we have had for a while. (4 systems were new as of Feb of this year.)

      Thanks for the update!

    • IrwinSingh
      Hi Gary,

      Prior to updating UR4Ds to 1.167, were you running these with WWB5 or WWB6?

    • glparke
      The theatre here in branson has been on 1.150 / 1.153 using WWB5. Tues night I upgraded all firmware to 1.167 and installed WWB6. (I read they all need to be higher than 1.165 ? to work with WWB6). Wed I had 3 of the 24 receivers display (and network link to WWB6 - greyed out display box on software) freeze up on me.

    • Jens
      Hi All,

      we're having the very same issue in a Theater installation in Germany, 40 Channels UR4D+ all on latest Firmware with latest software. Random units freeze in the software and also their displays freeze.

      Any ideas on how to improve this would be great :-)

    • admin1

      I have had a few instances in the UK as well. Is there an update?
    • glparke
      Just a bit of a heads up for those who are having the freezing display issue. All control and even squelching circuitry locks up when the display freezes, so if you have a mic out of range and that audio is squelched off, and your display than freezes, even if they come back in range, the squelch will not open up and you will not have any audio until you reboot the receiver.


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