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    Matt Dobschuetz
    How To Sign Up for The New Wireless Workbench Forum
    Topic posted January 14, 2014 by Matt DobschuetzNovice, last edited February 13, 2014, tagged how-to 
    How To Sign Up for The New Wireless Workbench Forum

    If you're new to Shure Customer Forums, you need to sign up for a new account. Membership is free, but is necessary to create topics and post. In addition, it is required to download Wireless Workbench software.

    If you were a member of the Wireless Workbench 6 Beta forum follow these instructions to reset your password:

    1. Go to
    2. Under 'Reset Your Password', enter your current username and then click 'Reset My Password'
    3. An email will be sent to the address associated to that username from 'Shure Support' ( with the subject 'Support Account Password Assistance' (see screenshot)
    4. In the email, click 'Reset my password'
    5. Then enter new password and click 'Submit' in your browser.
    6. A Thank You page will appear with the message "Your password has been changed."
    7. You will now automatically be logged in.  Click the 'Forum' tab and your all set.
    If you have questions about resetting your password creating an account, please email for assistance. 
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