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    julio Gomez
    problem monitor workbench
    Topic posted December 28, 2015 by julio GomezNovice 
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    problem monitor workbench
    Personal Computer:
    8G RAM
    Wired Ethernet TPLINK TL SG1016
    Shure Hardware:
    10 x QLXD 1 0 15
    2 X SHURE UA844

    Hello, I work in a TV channel where we are using 10 QLXD systems.
    When you start Workbench, monitor its tab shows information about battery level and frequency but not the audio level and RF level.
    We appreciate that could guide me in solving this problem, thank you very much.



    • buhmanb

      This has the symptoms of the Windows Firewall (or some other firewall software) blocking the status updates from the Shure device.

      You will need to configure the firewall to allow Wireless Workbench and a helper process called snetDameon.exe to communicate on all networks.  This is the fastest and easiest method I've found:

      1. Exit Wireless Workbench
      2. Open the Windows Firewall: Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Windows Firewall.  
      3. Choose "Advanced Settings" -> This opens the "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" dialog
      4. Select "Inbound Rules" and sort the inbound rules by name.
      5. Select and Delete the Inbound Rules: "snetDameon" and "Wireless Workbench 6"
      6. Restart Wireless Workbench
      7. Windows Firewall will prompt you with 2 "Windows Security Alert" 
      8. Check all 3 Check Boxes for "Domain Networks, Private Networks, and Public Networks" then "Allow Access"
      9. Now the RF, Audio, Battery, etc. values should update in the monitor tab and the Property Panel.

      Hope that helps

    • julio Gomez

      Buhmann Hi, sorry for the delay in responding.
      The problem was you commented me, made corrections in the firewall and it works correctly.
      Thanks for the reply and help, Greetings!


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