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    Deactivate a device
    Topic posted September 20, 2013 by sharktoothCompetent 
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    Deactivate a device


    I would like to know if we can deactivate a device in the inventory tab please, so that it wouldn't be taken in consideration in frequency analysis.




    • hautzir

      Hi Guillaume,

      To deactivate a device for the following freqeuncy coordination, please go to 'Frequency Coordination', 'Manage Channels...' and then untick the cahnenls you don't want to be part of the coordination and tick the ones you want to be part of the coordination.

      Please let me know if you need further input.



    • mixfoh


      If you load a show you already have and all devices have a frequency attached to them, wouldn't you need to go to as you said "frequency Coordination", Manage Channels" then untick the channels you don't want to be part of the coordination and tick the ones you want to be part of the coordination. Then I would think you need to make sure that the unticked deactivated device has "Find Best" and not a frequency attached.

    • sharktooth

      Hi Ron, I knew this trick for frequencies calculation, but it doesn't seems to work for frequencies analysis.

    • buhmanb

      As of WWB - If you go to the Frequency Coordination Tab and choose: "Analyze Current Frequencies," the following items are taken into consideration:

      1. All Channels in the Inventory

      2. All Exclusions:

      a. Frequencies or ranges detected via the Scan Data & exclusion threshold settings

      b. Any manually added exclusions

      3. All TV channels selected

      4. All Inclusions

      a. Selected User Group

      b. Selected Inclusion Groups / Lists

      5. Zones and Zone assignment

      So at this time, if you want to "ignore" a channel from the inventory - then you would have to remove it from the inventory.

      You could try:

      1. Save your show file as "Original.shw"

      2. Remove the device from the network / inventory

      3. Perform the analysis

      4. Reopen the "Original.shw" to restore the removed channel(s)

      There are some plans to make Analysis and Coordination more configurable in future releases of WWB.

      Hope that helps!


    • sharktooth

      Ok Brian, thank you, I'll do this way waiting for a more configurable release.


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