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    WWB 6.8.1 changes device ID's on receivers?
    Topic posted January 16, 2014 by glparkeCompetent, tagged WWB 6.8.1 
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    WWB 6.8.1 changes device ID's on receivers?
    Personal Computer:
    Dell Windows 7
    Shure Hardware:
    Firmware 1.7.0

    I have 20 UHFR systems at our theatre and I am getting some new ULXD's in, so we wanted to reaarange our receivers by frequency group and put the ULXD's (which are still coming) as devices 1 - 3. We redid the device ID's in the receivers manually, and I had setup a new file to load (based off of a previous show but with new frequencies and the ULXD's in the file) with device ID's where I wanted them , but when I opened the file, it sent out a new device ID to alot of my receivers and messed everything up. IThe only way we found to correct that was to redo the device ID's again, and now I have to manually redo all my new frequencies and save a new file.

    On deploy, why is workbench sending out a new device ID to a system? is it IP based, MAC address based ? What does it use?


    Gary Parke




    • Gino Sigismondi

      Hi Gary,

      I recommend you give our Systems Support team a call to see if we can talk through a resolution to this issue. There are several things that can happen when you open a Show file and it's settings don't match what's in the hardware. Generally, if the settings in the hardware don't match the Show file, it should give you an alert indicating there's a discrepancy, and allow you to decide which settings are used.

      Shure Systems Support can be reached at 847-600-8541, 8 am to 4:30 pm, Central time, M - F.

    • glparke

      Thanks for the reply.  it was giving me plenty of alerts as to which way I wanted to go, but when I tried to have it send the file to the devices, my ID's were changing on the devices which is what I did not want. I did not want to bring stuff in from the receivers because then it was going to wipe out my new frequencies that I wanted to deploy.



    • Gino Sigismondi

      It may be possible that the device IDs in your Show file didn't match what's in the hardware. So when you told it to send the file to the devices, it sent the new device IDs as well.

      I typically recommend setting up device IDs in WWB while you're connected to the hardware. You can use the Flash feature (clicking on the little receiver icon to the right of the Name in the Inventory tab) to identify which receiver you're changing, and then set the device ID in the software. Then when you deploy your frequencies, the device ID will remain unchanged. 

    • glparke

      Thanks Gino. So what identifies the software to the hardware ? IP address??

    • Gino Sigismondi

      Each receiver has a unique identifier, based on the MAC address, that is hard-coded into the device. WWB recognizes this identifier, which is how it's able to know if devices in a Show file match up with the actual hardware. So if you create a Show offline, and then connect to the hardware, you'll see twice as many devices - the devices you added offline will appear grey, and the "live" devices are black. You can then merge the devices by dragging the greyed out receivers onto the "live" receivers. If any settings don't match, it will ask which settings to use. From then on, if you utilize this same Show file with the same hardware, it will remember those device associations. If you make any changes to the receiver settings offline, when you reconnect the hardware, you won't have to go through the drag and drop process again, but the software will note that there are differences and again ask you which settings to use.

      We don't use the IP address, since that number could change. Same goes for the Device ID. 

    • glparke

      Thanks for the info. I guess then, why use device ID's?  It seems that would be simpler in one aspect. I have a device in this position and I want it to be device 5 or whatever, than I can set device 5 up in WWB and I know where it is going. That seems faster if you have to put a backup system in and want the same info on that receiver. Set the Device ID and IP on the receiver and there it goes. Does that make sense?



    • Gino Sigismondi

      Device IDs are purely for the users' convenience. It's a way for you to keep track of what's what. As I mentioned earlier, it's always better to setup your Device IDs while connected to the gear, so you can identify and label things appropriately. Then the Device IDs will persist.  If you use that same Show file to connect to a backup system (in other words, hardware that the software hasn't seen before), then you will have to "drag and drop" the "offline" device from your Show file onto the "online" devices that you just connected to for the first time. When you do that, the Device ID from the Show file will get sent to the hardware.

      Of course, a numerical device ID is not all that useful, which is why all our newer networked gear (Axient, ULX-D, PSM1000) allow you to use an 8-character alpha-numeric Device ID. Then you can give it a name that is more meaningful to you.


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