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    Evan Landry
    IR Preset Profile
    Topic posted May 8, 2014 by Evan LandryBeginner 
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    IR Preset Profile
    Personal Computer:
    MacBook Pro 2.4GHz i5 13", OS 10.8.5 64bit Wired Ethernet
    Shure Hardware:
    16x UHF-R (2x J5, 2x L3, 4x H4 UR4D) on 1.171

    I'm reposting this idea on its own separate post because of its importance (it was previously posted by DPlander as an extra thought on another post):

    "Would you allow us to edit multiple units to set them to the same settings (i.e. power lock, button lock, audio levels, IR Presets, Gain, and Sensitivity)."

    So in monitor --> channel strip --> properties --> IR Presets, if you're assigning the same properties such as gain/sensitivity, frequency/power locks, power level and battery type, to multiple channels, currently you have to go into each channel strip, click properties, click IR presets, and click to set each of the aforementioned settings, for each channel.  While doing this in Workbench is significantly easier than doing it from the front panel of the receiver, the workflow could still be greatly improved.  

    I always set my lavs to +15 sens +3 gain, normal power, freq lock, alkaline battery

    If Shure were to develop a feature called Channel Profile or something to that effect, then you could click a profile, and then click any number of tick boxes for example, to assign that profile to any number of channels.  Then it would truly be an "IR Preset," as it is currently misleadingly called.  



    • Fish

      I would like to add a hearty "+1,000,000" to this!!  I've also added these comments to other threads that brought up the same topic.

      I can see many ways of implementing this concept, but allow me to express that it is quite necessary.  As a freelancer, I work with a variety of equipment (usually UHF-R) from various companies that comes to me with random settings left from other users, other shows, and other transmitter elements.  Not having any way of quickly deploying the same IR Presets to multiple channels has been a significant thorn in my side for a while now.

      I would like to see at least two ways of implementing this improvement.  First, because sometimes a show is unique enough or small enough, I would like to be able to select multiple channels at once from the Monitor tab and enter the same IR Preset Properties settings to multiple channels simultaneously.  (This should also allow me to change all selected receiver's output gains as well, but I suppose that's a separate feature request! :-) )  Second, I would also like to be able to create WWB-specific "presets" for various common receiver "IR presets" that I use that can be deployed to the show inventory.  That is, I want to create and save a few preset files for common transmitter combinations that I use, e.g. "UR2/Beta87C corporate" (gain at +12 or more!),  "UR2/SM58 singer" (gain of 0 or less!), "UR1/DPA4088," "UR1/WL185," etc., and be able to apply those presets to a select group of channels in my current WWB show file inventory.  In fact, I don't see why this shouldn't be an option to display and set within the Inventory tab as well; this is where WWB presets would make the most sense.

      The current work flow is annoying when it's four channels to set identically and check.  It's frustrating when it's eight channels.  It's a downright insanity when it's 48.  ;-)

      Thanks, I look forward to gaining back a little sanity in my too-often too-quick setups!


    • Liam135db

      This has been requested several time and the easiest way is like the sennheiser WSM software, where you can select multiple units, and right click to bring up context menu offering "Common Properties" the resulting dialog only modifies any settings changed, allowing multiple channels to be set quickly.


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