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    Andy Lauer
    Impossible to change the name in the inventory
    Topic posted March 20, 2016 by Andy LauerNovice 
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    Impossible to change the name in the inventory
    Personal Computer:
    Mac latest IOS X - WLAN
    Shure Hardware:
    12x QLXD4 (H51) (Firmware not sure for the Moment)

    Hi together

    I have another Problem, this time in the inventory list of WWB6. Sometimes I Change the Name of an unit, but after preesing ENTER, the old Name still appears, after this I must restart the WWB6 , then it Shows the correct names. ?




    • hautzir

      Hi Andy,

      What kind of computer are you using? What kind of operating system?



    • Sam Drazin

      Hi Andy,

      In order to properly communicate with networked Shure devices, WWB needs full network access so that it can send and receive messages properly between devices and software.  Do you happen to have any network protection/antivirus softare or firewalls installed and/or active on your computer?

      If so, you might try disabling them, or making sure that the operating system provides WWB and all other affiliated executables (acnproxy, snetdaemon) full access to send and receive messages through the network.

      There are a number of things that can lead to messages not being properly "sent" or "received" by the device.  Interference of network communication is only one of them.  Any more info you can provide about your hardware/software versions, computer OS, network topology, etc would be helpful to better diagnose the issue.




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