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    Ryan Lawson
    MicroFlex wireless in musical theater
    Topic posted January 23, 2015 by Ryan LawsonNovice 
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    MicroFlex wireless in musical theater

    I work in a theater that has both a main and a second stage.  When we decide to use body mics on the second stage we have to essentially tear apart our receiver rack and rebuild it in the new location at a significant effort.  Since we are hoping to upgrade soon and our boards already have Dante support we were considering the MXW series where we would only have to move a single AP/receiver to move 8 channels at a time.  The marketing on the MXW series looks to be very conference room focused.  Is there something about the MXW system that would be unsuitable for a musical theater application?  (unacceptable latency, frequency response, etc.)  If not, is there some reason there is no marketing toward musical voice applications?



    • Gino Sigismondi

      The latency on MXW is 17 ms, which is not an issue for conferencing applications, and not usually a problem for simple speech reinforcement. For musical theater, however, that much latency could be problematic. You could certainly try it, and see if it meets your needs, but I wouldn't typically recommend it for any musical application. 

      If you are looking for Dante connectivity, I recommend the ULXD dual or quad receivers, which come equipped with Dante. The latency on ULXD is only 2.9 ms, which is negligible, and 20 Hz to 20 kHz, flat frequency response. There is a rechargeable battery option as well, which is very similar to what it used on MXW. This is the system I would recommend for musical theater. 


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