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    Zone setup without spectrum managers
    Topic posted May 16, 2012 by pauldabNovice 
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    Zone setup without spectrum managers
    Hi all,

    I am trying out WWB6 in a very large convention centre. We have a lot of UHF-R gear (56 UR4D receivers installed) that literally fills up 3 of the bands completely.

    I'd love to try and use the zone setup to allow greater flexibility for visiting shows who turn up with anything, but have had to resort to running a copy of WWB6 offline so I can use different showfiles as pseudo zones. I know that there is sufficient structual separation between building areas.

    I can't find a way to calculate new frequencies by excluding zones when in online mode without any spectrum managers online (we don't have any Axient gear yet).

    Does anyone have a suggestion that can help out with repspect to this?



    • jchristie
      Hi Paul, I have run similar convention Centre/casino operations with up to 13 different zones and 425+ coordinated frequencies.

      Now all of these are active zones and coordinated frequencies.

      I certainly would like the ability to deactivate zones, and inventory items from Frequency calculations but not have them removed from the database.
      If these devices are online Shure devices the systems should be muted with the next deployment and as long as the zone or inventory item is disabled. This way there cannot be any possible use of incompatible frequencies. of course once reactivated the mute is released by the software.
    • Sam Drazin
      We just spoke about this today, John :). To respond to your requests collectively, Paul, and John, I hear what you guys are saying. You would like the ability to exclude certain portions of the inventory from being considered in a calculation. Currently, there is a rigid and immutable connection between the inventory and the inputs into coordination; it sounds like hooks to break this connection would be useful.


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