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    U4D And UA888 Networking Interface System compatibility
    Topic posted September 5, 2012 by noiseboyNovice 
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    U4D And UA888 Networking Interface System compatibility
    Hi all,

    How can I use older U4D M4 systems with WWB6? Our UR4 units work fine, but I would like to incorporate the older M4s into WWB6 (to help spread the spectrum in difficult venues), seeing they are part of the drop down microphone menu. We use the UA888 interface (with a serial to USB adapter) to connect these systems with WWB5, where we can mix and match with the UR4s. Thank you in advance.

    Frankie Castro
    Lead Audio Engineer
    Media Stage, Inc.



    • buhmanb
      Hi Jose,
      WWB6 utilizes Ethernet for command and control of the following Shure product series: Axient, PSM1000, UHF-R, ULX-D.
      The UHF (U4/UA888) products are controlled via Serial connections - which WWB6 does not support.
      It is still possible to use WWB6 to plan spectrum usage of all wireless gear - including UHF series. Here is one approach:
      - Start WWB6
      - Add the U4Ds and appropriate "backups"Ì_ to inventory (and any others..)
      - Setup the appropriate channel names for the U4Ds (etc.)
      - Perform Frequency Coordination & Deploy to Inventory
      - Print / View the Inventory Report
      - Then either run WWB5 on another PC, or quit WWB6 and start WWB5
      - Copy the active U4D frequencies from the report to the appropriate U4D channels
      - Potentially create a Custom Group of all of the U4D Active & Backup frequencies for easier use on the U4D.
      - From this point on - use WWB5 to monitor/control the U4Ds. Use WWB6 to monitor/control the other live gear
      - It is not recommended to run WWB6 and WWB5 on the same PC/Mac at the same time.

      Hope that helps!
    • Rick Waller
      If you are only using U4's and UR4's, I would suggest to continue to use WWB5.


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