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    Ben Frey
    Really only two product forums?
    Topic posted April 19, 2014 by Ben FreyNovice 
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    Really only two product forums?

    Are there really no other forums besides for the Microflex and Wireless Workbench?? That seems like a colossal oversight on Shure's part, or poor website design, because I can't find them if they do exist.



    • Gino Sigismondi

      Hi Ben,

      No, you aren't missing anything, these are the only two product forums available thus far on We only recently introduced the forums earlier this year, and given the vast array of Shure products, decided it would be best to start slowly and build from there. We chose to begin with two products that could benefit the most from the community-style interaction that forums promote - Wireless Workbench 6 is used by a wide range of wireless mic users of varying skill levels, and these users can share tips and learn from each other in the forum. Microflex Wireless is a unique type of wireless system that relies heavily on networking, so the forum provides a place where users who are new to this type of system (which is almost everyone) can learn and look for answers 24/7.

      For support on other Shure products, our searchable knowledge base at contains a wealth of information on almost any Shure product-related topic you can imagine. If your question is not answered there, you can submit it to our Applications Engineering team, who typically answer within 24-hours. This is often a faster response then you would get via the forums anyway!

      Finally, don't forget you can always call during regular business hours for technical support: 1-800-516-2525, option 1. 

      Thanks again for the note and please don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything else we can do for you.

      Gino Sigismondi

      Senior Manager, Shure Systems Support

    • Ben Frey

      Ah, I hadn't considered that possibility. That's certainly understandable. I found the route to submit a question soon after posting here, and did so, but have not heard back. However, that was on Saturday, so that's to be expected. Thanks.


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