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    Reid Wall
    Multi Select or "shared Properties"
    Topic posted September 5, 2014 by Reid WallBeginner 
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    Multi Select or "shared Properties"
    Personal Computer:
    MAC OS 10.9.4
    Shure Hardware:
    PT10T, ULXD4Q, UR4D

    MAC OS 10.9.4 
    It would be really helpful if there was a "shared properties" feature so I could select multiple units, and change the same settings on all of them...
    IE- setting up a whole bunch of IEMs, select all of them and change the input sensitivity, transmit power, IR Sync Settings, all at once to all of them..... Rather than individually clicking the options on all of them....



    • Ludo

      Hi All,

      In the same way, when you want to use Inclusion Groups, it could be cool to be able to attribute multiple devices to a dedicated Inclusion group, for example by using SHIFT ou CTRL keyboard buttons.



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