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    Changed Postal Code Lookup
    Topic posted January 28, 2014 by lexBeginner, last edited January 28, 2014 
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    Changed Postal Code Lookup
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    MBP 10.9.1 64bit Wired


    with the update to wwb the postal code lookup has changed in that way that its not longer possible to search for cities by typing the city name. now you have to scroll through a list which is not so handy... the scroll down list for the state selection is fine but the list of cities has no end... is it possible to insert a search field on top of the city list?


    thanks for your help




    • Gino Sigismondi


      Actually, you can still search by typing in the city name. If you click on the down arrow to activate the "Make Selection" drop-down list, and then start typing in the city name, it will jump either directly to the city name, or close enough that it's a just short scroll down to the desired city. Usually the first three letters are enough.

      The advantage to this method is it reduces the chance of entering a city name incorrectly, or one that doesn't exist in the database. 

      Hope that helps!

    • sharktooth

      Hello guys,

      by the way, I have the same setup as lex, and my computer seems to partially freeze for a while (quite long, I'd say a couple of minutes) when I make a city selection; i.e the wwb6 stays in front of my laptop screen but I still can do other small stuffs like to switch to other app or close another window.

      I have to add some more RAM anyway, so I'll see if it helps.

    • hautzir

      Hi there,


      Thanks for letting us know about the longer time the TV channel identification takes with some kinds of countries.






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