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    Jesus Canton
    Sharing same Access Point Wirelessly on WWB6
    Topic posted March 5, 2014 by Jesus CantonNovice, tagged how-to 
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    Sharing same Access Point Wirelessly on WWB6
    Personal Computer:
    Macbook Pro
    Shure Hardware:
    2 Axt 400, 8 PSM1000, AXT610, AXT630, AXT600

    Hello and thank you in  advance for any assistance

    I am new to the RF world, and have to setup what I believe is an Access Point for all of our Shure systems to show up on my Workbench. I have plugged in Power Over Ethernet and setup our wireless mics (axt 400s) and thats fine I am able to find the right frequency and they are good to go. I also did the same for the In Ears (PSM1000). I have two questions.

    1. My Spectrum Manager does not show up in WWB6, but it is daisy chained along with the axt400, and axt630... any idea what it can be?

    2. I cannot see neither systems when I disconnect Power over Ethernet and I am on the Wifi... is there a way to see both systems still running live on Wifi? 

    The answer's may be very simple but I cannot find it nor figure it out... any help would surely be appreciated.. thank you very much.



    • buhmanb

      It sounds like IP addresses might not be setup correctly, or missed network cable.   I'm not quite sure I understand question #2, but hopefully the following can help:

      The best place to start is the Axient System Guide, Chapter 10.

      I would avoid daisy chaining in this size of a network. 

      There are any number of network setups that can work and are correct.  This is my general approach:

      1. Establish you have a sane physical Ethernet setup.  For example a 24 port switch, with a separate Ethernet cable between the switch and  each AXT400, AXT600, AXT630.  
      * If the Ethernet switch provides PoE, then connect the AXT610 to a port that provides PoE.  If not, daisy-chain the AXT610 off one of the AXT400s.

      2. Verify all units are set to, or are using the IP scheme you intend.  Look at the menu: Util > Network and verify all have unique IP addresses on the same subnet, (e.g.,, etc..) and all have the same Subnet Mask (e.g.  

      3. Use the FindAll feature via the menu: Util > Network > FindAll  - this should indicate the 13 units on your network.

      4. Connect the computer to the Ethernet switch via a cable, configure or verify the network settings on the computer follow the scheme listed in step 2.

      5. Start WWB and verify the Preference > Network > Adapter - has chosen the adapter configured in step 4.

      6. Verify all devices show up in WWB6.  Make sure the firmware is all up to date and update if necessary.  

      7. Once you've confirmed that a WIRED network setup is working, then add WiFi.  Configure as fits your needs, then make sure when you run WWB that you reconfigure the Preference > Network > Adapter to choose the WiFi adapater.

      Best luck!


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