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    Color Coding
    Topic posted April 13, 2013 by carl1000Novice 
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    Color Coding
    Would be nice to be able to color code the boxes in the monitor tab. I can separate transmitters for each player on stage. Visually quicker for me to look and see who is who.



    • Stu
      This needs to happen! It would be great if the color codes in your "inventory" profile tab would follow over to the "Monitor" tab. Seeing the colors you have set for devices in the name of device would help with quick glances.

      Also, I would like it if the devices you drop in the "monitor" section could be placed into custom groups with the color codes. I.E. If I set my current preference as seeing 8 devices a row in the "monitor" tab, but one rack only has 4 channels, it would be nice to lay out the tour racks not near you in separate group rows. As having an 8 channel rack, 4 channel rack and 6 channel rack being viewed in separate rows. Then color coded matching the inventory.
      Now, the devices dropped in the monitor tab just fall into place without any way to space between them.


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