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    Jonathan Lutman
    WWB6 not working with Windows 10
    Topic posted October 16, 2015 by Jonathan LutmanNovice 
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    WWB6 not working with Windows 10
    Personal Computer:
    HP Laptop with Windows 10 and Irulu Walknbook Tablet with Windows 10
    Shure Hardware:

    I am having issues with WWB 6 running on Windows 10.  I have downloaded and installed WWB 6 on 3 different machines running Windows 10.  Upon first opening the program, the network connections window opens with the normal WWB window open behind it.  Upon selecting the network preference and the window closing, the main WWB window disappears.  I opened the task manager and WWB was not listed as a running program.  I attempted to open the program again but it would not open.  The only way I was able to get the WWB window to attempt to open again was to uninstall WWB and reinstall.  However the same issues would happen again with the main WWB window disappearing.  

    I know that at this point WWB has not been certified with Windows 10.  I am interested to hear from Shure on the status of WWB with Windows 10.

    Would like to know if anyone else has had the same issues or if someone has gotten WWB to work with Windows 10?  



    • online1984

      This worked for me:


      1. To ensure that NO WWB processes are running, open the Task Manager (see attached #1):

          1.1. Click on the Processes tab

          1.2. Select “Wireless Workbench 6 app

          1.3. Click the “End task” button

          1.4. Close the Task Manager


      2. Open the “File Explorer” (see attached #3):

          2.1. Navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Shure\Wireless Workbench 6

          2.2. Right click on the “Wireless Workbench 6” executable, and select Properties


      3. At the “Wireless Workbench 6 Properties” window (see attached #2):

      3.1. Click on the “Compatibility” tab

      3.2. Under the Compatibility mode section, check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” check-box

      3.3. Select “Windows 7” in the listbox

      3.4. Click the “Apply” button

      3.5. Click the “OK” button


      4. Relaunch WWB.


      #1.png (118KB)
    • online1984
      #2.png (54KB)
    • online1984
      #3.png (159KB)
    • Jonathan Lutman

      It worked.  Thank you for the help!!

      Jonathan Lutman

    • online1984

      Glad to hear it!


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