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    WWB 6.9 ability to discover non-shure gear
    Topic posted February 4, 2014 by bdmcdNovice, tagged how-to 
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    WWB 6.9 ability to discover non-shure gear
    Personal Computer:
    Macbook Pro
    OSX 10.9.1
    8 Gb 1333 Ram

    I have 24 channels of Sennheiser EM2050, 10 channels of UR4D, 8 Telex BTR-700 and a variety of other gear that is rented on a show by show basis.  My goal is to use WWB6 to coordinate all the gear (Sennheiser's WSS isn't as good and doesn't support other manufacturers).  I can't get WWB6 to see the Sennheiser units.  My thought is to have the software have the Shure and the Sennheiser gear online and enter the telex (it's not networkable) manually.

    Is there something I'm missing that allows WWB to see the EM2050's?  If I load WSM I can see all of them so I know they're on the network.

    I'm using DHCP with everything set to auto. 







    • Gino Sigismondi

      WWB6 cannot control other manufacturers' devices, only networkable Shure devices. You can still manually add your other systems to the Inventory using the Add New Devices dialog box, and coordinate frequencies for them. But you will need to manually enter the frequencies on the hardware. 

    • Sam Drazin

      In addition to what Gino mentioned, the 3rd party devices that you add to your inventory will always appear as offline, or "virtual" devices (with light grey text), similarly to how Shure devices appear when they are offline.

      It may be helpful to mention that, once your frequencies are coordinated and deployed, you can generate a report which will list the frequencies of all the devices in your inventory, which can then be used to reference when tuning 3rd party and non-networked gear.  To access this report, select Report -> Inventory Report.


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