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    Axient backup frequencies
    Topic posted February 13, 2012 by tpedenNovice 
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    Axient backup frequencies
    There has been a couple of times when WWB6 has failed to calculate backup frequencies for Axient. I have the box checked in the preferences to automatically calculate b/u freqs. I can manually add the number of b/u freqs. for non-networked gear, but there has been two times now where the software failed to calculate b/u's for the Axient gear. The display on the left window of the AXT600 reads 4 in use/0 back ups. If I re-run the calculation a couple of more times, they have magically appeared, but...

    This has happened twice out of dozens of demos and RF scans???



    • buhmanb

      There are several factors that contribute to the number of frequencies WWB6 will find for a given inventory, some are subtle.

      But first I'd point out that the AXT600's Left home menu "Axient Frequency Monitoring" does not display ALL backups, it only displays:

      • In Use - Number of frequencies that have been allocated and assigned to Axient channels.
      • Ready - Number of frequencies the AXT600 has assessed to be "good" based on the RF environment, frequency history and settings. (Exclusion threshold in particular)

      The "Axient Frequency Monitoring" menu does not show the number of frequencies that are Degraded or Reserved (allocated to offline channels). If you look at the "Frequency List" dialog in WWB6, or go through the AXT600's menu: "CFL" - you would see the breakdown of all frequencies.

      In my experience of working with WWB6 and Axient devices for demos, testing, etc. - I've run into cases where I've created and Deployed a CFL from WWB6 based on a different RF environment and/or settings than the AXT600 is currently using. Some examples:

      • Created and initially deployed a CFL based off of Scan files or TV exclusion settings taken from some other site. Once deployed, the AXT600 degraded many of the backups.
      • Created and initially deployed a CFL without the antenna's plugged in, or AXT630 turned OFF, or skipped scanning all together, later connecting antennas resulting in
      • Created and initially deployed a CFL using the Exclusion Threshold at -85, but then configured the AXT600's Exclusion Threshold to a lower value such as -95 resulting in many "backups" getting degraded.

      Back to the point where the CFL is initially created. A few things that may explain what you experienced:

      • Uninstalling and re-installing WWB6 will revert the preference "Automatically calculate backup frequencies." to unchecked.
      • WWB will attempt to find all manually added backups first before finding "Automatically calculated backups"
      • If Exclusion Threshold is very low, fewer backups will be found.
      • An incorrect Zipcode entered in the TV Channels section can result in frequencies that are not appropriate for the current RF environment.
      • Unintentionally enabling the "User Groups" feature can result in drastically fewer frequencies found.

      Best luck!


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